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Let´s Journey Together

I´m an intuitive life coach and energy healer who will lead you to identify the things in your life that are out of alignment. My approach is holistic meaning we adress areas of the mind, body and spirt to  get tothe root causes of what’s holding you back from fulfillment, authenticity, alignment, and joy.  During our time together you will discover new tools (or sharpen the old ones), gain resources, and develop new practices to recreate your the life you truly desire to manifest your highest potential.

Raise Your Vibration (1:1 Coaching)

You will be guided  through my unique process to awakening your soul’s core mission and divine purpose through 1:1 coaching sessions.


Through this in-depth work together, I´ll support and guide you through discovering your truth, realigning your energy, and manifesting your most authentically fulfilling life.

Starting with a 8 week or 3-month commitment, you will get:

  • A weekly 1-hour call with Evonna

  • Between-session support via text or voice message

  • Access to the sacred tools that will help you raise your energetic frequency

  • Structure and accountability for your healing and breakthrough

                                           Ready to activate your fullest potential?

Here´s the next steps:

1. Book a Freedom Call

2. Let´s discover where you are, what holds you back and where you desire to go.

3. Let´s begin this powerful journey together! 


1:1 & Virtual Group Coaching

Connect To Your Higher Self

Book a no-cost freedom call to get started on your path today.

1:1 coaching


A sacred circle designed for those craving more for their life.

It’s time to quiet the voice of doubt and connect to your soul mission.


Throughout the AwakenVirtual Group Coaching Experience, you will gain a supportive community as you explore your inner world, experience a refreshed excitement for discovering what could be, and awaken to your soul mission.

Collectively you will:

  • Heighten your intuitive insights and expand your energetic field

  • Feel lighter and embody new energy that others will notice

  • Learn how to clear negative emotions, so they don’t keep you stuck

  • Powerfully connect to your soul purpose and divine mission

  • Feel seen, heard and understood by a sacred circle of like-minded souls

  • Identify subconscious beliefs and learn how to reprogram them

  • Feel more confident, divinely connected and abundant

  • Magnetically attract your heartfelt desires



                           Ready to activate your soul mission?

(Virtual Group Coaching)

Group Coaching
Palm Trees Beach View


​"The experience I had was everything I could Imagine in life coaching. It was literally a breath of fresh air and a big relief working with Evonna. I accomplished so much in just  those few short weeks!"

Zalibah H., 31

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