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Peace beloved, here´s a little about me

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Evonna Divine

Spiritual Life Coach, Activist, Intuitive Energy healer, Embodiment & Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, International Motivational Speaker, Founder & Hostess of Rise Queen & The Rise Queen Podcast. 

Evonna started her spiritual healing and self-love journey back in 2012 whle battling deep depression, anxiety and chronic truama. After attempting to take her own life and later encountering a near death experience she found hope by reconnecting with her religous upbringing which evolved into a spiritual awakening and deeper soul enlightenment discovering her intuitive gifts. ​

While pursuing a Bachelor´s Degree in Marketing at Bowie State university (BSU) she became fascinated with psychology and human behavior. During these years she was also introduced to Kemetism and Kemetic Studies and became a founding memeber of Feathers of Maat, an African Centered sisterhood for Students at BSU. Evonna was awarded Spiritual Leader by Bowie State University´s Black Male Agenda association and has also been a member of the Baltimore Urban league serving the community through leadership, education and volunteer work.


During her marketing career she has worked for fortune 500 companies through advertising agencies in New York and D.C. She also supported Color Of Change, the nation´s largest online racial justice organization in digital organizing around the 2020 elections uplifitng Black political equity.


Evonna´s passion for art, spirituality and activism led her to work in the intersection of Spirituality and Psychology, to later launch Rise Queen, LLC as a movement and community for collective healing, stisterhood, and spiritual growth for women of color. 

Evonna is an avid student, teacher and practitioner of the healing arts around the world including Yoga, Dance therapy and Plant medicine as a Spiritual Practitioner and agent of collective healing, transformation and change. 


A certified Usui Reiki Practitioner Evonna infuses ancestral wisdom and tradition, intuitive guidance and trauma informed approach to impact the lives of women and men around the globe. Her calling and dedicated response is to serve Black, Indegenous and people of color (BIPOC) on a global scale through holistic healing workshops, coaching, retreats and more. 

Evonna is a model of embodied feminine leadership, and is passionate about supporting humanity to heal, and thus, empowering them to follow their authentic calling in the world. A trauma survivor of sexual abuse, she is informed by her own journey of recovery to support others to thrive and grow.

Born in Baltimore, MD and now based in Quintana Roo, Mexico, Evonna weaves together the arenas of spirituality, activism, body movement, women’s transformation and healing into a holistic life. Through her life, she encourges others to embody radical self-love and authenticity into inspired action and divine purpose. 

The Process

I don’t do surface level. I facilitate inner work that is transformative at its core for soul-shifting breakthroughs and accelerated growth and transformation. I believe you landed here on purpose. I invite you to take the first step and book a Freedom Call with me so that I can provide the guidance, light, and space you need for groundbreaking transformation. 

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