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The Womb Healing & Awakening program will help you to:

  • Increase your divine feminine energy

  • Heal mother wounds and childhood trauma

  • Nourish your mind, body & spirit

  • Deepen your intuition

  • Enhance your inner guidance and wisdom

  • become more intimate with yourself

  • increase your sensuality & pleasure

  • liberate yourself physicially, mentally & emotionally

  • Access your abilitity to magnetize and attract

  • Increase your joy and creativity

Womb Healing & Awakening Program

Connect to your Femininity and Sensuality to strengthen your Creativity, Magnetism and Intuition in just 5 Weeks!

Through the the Womb Healing & Awakening program you’ll unearth unknown aspects about yourself, deepen the connection to your body, get in touch with your heart, feel into your emotions on a visceral level, manifest with ease, embody your power, and level up your Joy!

You´re womb is calling for your love & attention.

Can you hear her?​

The womb is where your inner voice, deepest guidance, creative expression and inner power arises. Unfortunatley, the voice is the womb is silenced when we

experience inauthentic love making, 

when we carry the residue of past lovers and sexual experiences, 

when our sensuality and sexual pleasure is repressed,

when we feed our bodies foods that are toxic to the womb,

when we carry trauma and pain from ourselves, our mothers and generations of pain and womb suffering resulting in fibroids, tumors, PCOS, endometriosis and many other womb dis-eaases. 

This 5 week program will open the way for your rebirthing, recconnecting and awakeing your womb and ultimately yourself. 

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