Alignment for your assignment

90 Day Transformation

Coaching Program

For women who are ready to reach their full potential and live fearlessly in their purpose.

Are you ready to Unleash your inner magic & answer your call to greatness?

Hello Queen,


Divine timing has bought you to the right place!


It is your time to unleash the greatness that lives inside of you. 


How do I know anything about gaining prosperity and attracting more abundance?


Because I've been exactly where you are right now!

Trying to figure "it" out,  feeling like I haven't made it yet and constantly feeling frustrated about where I was in my life. I didn't have direction, understanding, clarity, or let alone any sense of purpose. 


I was frustrated, easily irritated and slowly began to become my own worst enemy. 


Honestly, sis, I was struggling financially, suffering emotionally and completely out of alignment with my true self. For years I had let other people define me, I didn't know who I was, what I really wanted in life, or the meaning of my existence. 


But it wasn't until I did the work that spirit was pushing me to do, before I started to see things drastically change in my life. When I started to live from a place of trust & surrendering I could truly begin to receive the guidance & confidence I needed to be the woman I was called to be.

When I activated my personal power, I was able to be more confident in who I am, restore broken parts of my life, believe in my self-worth, increase my income, attract thriving relationships, fall in love and so much more!  


Life is a journey and It is our purpose to fulfill our divine assignment while we are here. 

YOU have gifts, talents and innovative ideas that the world is waiting for.


When I decided to be true to myself, operate in my gifts and declare my value I was able to launch 3 profitable businesses

and break out of the self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back. 


You just have to say YES to who you are called to be and stop trying to pretend you are meant to live a mediocre life.


You are a powerful being capable of creating the life of your dreams.

The abundance, peace, prosperity and joy you desire is waiting for you.










  • Achieve your innermost desires, even if you feel like they are "unrealistic".

  • Learn to stop playing small and start showing up for your life.

  • Tap into the inspiration you need to start fresh, even if you feel like you are stuck or unsure about where you are in life.

  • Discover what truly matters to you so you can live with purpose.

  • Develop the mindset and habits to get centered, grounded and in alignment for your divine assignment.

I invite you to join my

90 Day one-on-one

Transformation Program.






Here's how our transformation journey will begin..


Step 1. Surrender Your Story. Awareness is at the beginning of true transformation. Let's access where you are right now & dig deep into the limiting beliefs, habits, and identity that you have about yourself.  During this step, we will shift any obstacle that may be holding you back from taking action and living an abundant, purpose-filled life.   


Step 2. Discover Your Magic. Let’s get clear on what your REAL purpose is. We will discover what your divine & unique magic. We will get crystal clear on your calling so that have the confidence and assurance you need to move forward.  


Step 3. Define Your WHY? First, we will create vision & craft a purpose statement that defines what guides you. We will define your personal Why, which is the inner determination you will need for your success. 


Step 4. Tapping Into Your Higher Self. Now that we have been able to identify and shed the old story about yourself now it’s time to develop a new story and a new way of being who you are called to be. We need to define this new identity and who you need to be to take step towards living your purpose and attracting abundance. 


Step 5. Action on your Assignment. Finally, it’s time to take accelerated action. Let’s develop daily rituals habits and practices that help you work toward achieving the purpose-filled life that you want. With guidance and light, we will create fresh ways for you to operate in your purpose everyday.

Here's what you'll get with this transformational program

12, 60 minute, 1:1 individual coaching calls with me. 

A unique blend of healing & powerful coaching.

Full email access to me and in-between calls to support you during our 12-week program.

Bonus #1: An additional 30-minute call to prepare you for the program.

Bonus #2: You'll receive my Self-love guided meditation audio.

Bonus #3: Private access to a Facebook community to stay motivated, inspired, and accountable to your purpose and the abundance you have decided to claim. 

$3500 VALUE for only $1697

Enroll in the 90 day transformation coaching program to get in alignment for your assignment. 




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